HD Internet



We all know that the internet is huge and sometimes it is a crime to find what you want.

On my site I try to help you to get better search skills for searching the Internet.

First of all.. everyone knows Facebook.

But not much people know how to search effective on it.

Facebook has  great filterfunctions. want to know how it works? 
See my new page Facebook Filtering.
No difficulties, just use your imagination and be creative and you will find a lot more information. 

You want to know how to download a video on Facebook without uploading the url
to another website?
See my page Download Video from Facebook

I also made a page with a lot of databases with search tools

Some tips for Instagram, such as.. how to enlarge a profilepicture.

 And a tutorial for downloading a video from Instagram.




Disclaimer: All tools and tips are open source. Feel free to use my website, but keep your integrity in mind.
It is the users own responsibility to use the tools and links on this website!