Combination Search

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor search facebook

Important to know.

You can only find information published in public by user.
You cannot find items published only for friends by user.

You cannot find everything what a user published on his or her profile!


You can also make combinations to search the Facebook.

remember, were city or pages named…you can be creative.

Copy and paste the url in the addressbar.  Change the blue words in your own searchterm and enter.


Females or males living in a city and page like or interest (you can change the females in males) of city/pages-named/residents/present/intersect/str/name of page or interest/pages-named/likers/females/intersect

Females or males who live in a city and year of birth. of city/pages-named/residents/present/intersect/str/year of birth/date/users-born/females/intersect

Females or males live in a city and work at: of city/pages-named/residents/present/intersect/str/name of company/pages-named/employees/present/females/intersect

Females or males live in a city and worked at: of city/pages-named/residents/present/intersect/str/name of company/pages-named/employees/past/females/intersect

Combine even more…..

People born in the year of, named, language spoken: of birth/date/users-born/intersect/str/name/users-named/intersect/str/language spoken/pages-named/speakers/intersect

People named, live in a city and language spoken: of city/pages-named/residents/present/intersect/str/language spoken/pages-named/speakers/intersect

Find mutual friend search:

These combines can be used in very various types. Be creative and try other type of combine too.