Facebook filtering

Now facebook graph is down, I noticed facebook added more filterfunctions.
You just have to play with all the functions and you still can see more information.

I will show you some searches: 

First make a search like Sanne Hans, Dutch singer song writer also known als Miss Montreal.

Then choose See alle results for sanne hans

You will get a page with filterfunctions above in tabs and other filterfunctions on the left site.
Like above: Alle–Posts–people ect…
On the left you see the filter results: POSTS FROM–POST TYPE--ect ….

When you want to see results of the specific Sanne Hans you need, choose on the left site by Post from: choose a source.
Here you can fill in the profilename.
It will show you the right profile you want, just choose it and facebook will show you the results of that profile.

As you can see on the left, the profile is filled in and facebook is just showing the results of that profile.
Here I filled in the profile at the Photos tab.. You can do that with any tab.
You can also choose for the latest photos at DATE POSTED

You can also use only the tabs to see results, but better is to use the Choose a Source at the left.

Find people who work at a company?
Choose the Tab People, then fill in the company at “choose a company

You can also search for a name and after that fill in the company.

You can also filter posts in recents posts from a specific page or groups.
Here in my excample I searched for the last posts about the sonfestival.
I added in the source by the tap POSTS FROM Eurovision Songvestifal (I searched for the right page first)

Then  scroll down and choose 2019 posts.
You can also add a date by yourself at choose a date