Facebook Search Tips

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor facebook graph search

Find Mutual Friends: 


Copy this link and change IDnumber in the ID number of the profiles and past it in the URL box. 

Search for facebook IDnumber –> Go to pagesource — then search (ctrl f or apple cmd f) for entity_id
The number behind it is the IDnumber of the profile.

See who likes a page:

First search for a page, so go to the tab Pages
In this example I searched for Great Food.
When you see the page you want to know who likes it.. you see in my example 199 like this

The click on 199 like this
And there you see people who likes the page.


Important to know.

You can only find information published in public by user.
You cannot find items published only for friends by user.

So you cannot find everything what a user published on his or her profile!