Some tricks and tips for instagram.

How to enlarge a profilepicture?

take some steps:
1- go to the instagram profile.
2- click with the rightmouse and go to pagesource
3- search with CTRL F for the words: logging_page_id after the word: profilepage you find an ID number.
4- copy this number
5- go to:
past ID number on the place of the blue place-id and hit enter.
7- result is another sourcepage.
8- in Chrome: search with CTRL F for width
9- you see different numbers, take the higest number and copy the url starting with https:// and ending with

10-paste this url in your browser and see the bigger picture.
11- in Firefox: search with CTRL F for width
12- click on the url with the highest number.

result: left: Instagram profilepicture, right the whole picture.


Finding some posts from an instagramaccount which is set on private.


1- type in google searchbar “accountname”
2- accountname is the name with the @ before it, not nessesary to use the @ in the searchbar.