Reverse Image Search.

Reverse Image Search, a powerfull tool! 

Reverse Image search.
You can search a picture if it already excist on internet or not.
For that there is a handy tool named RevEye Reverse Image Search.
It is an addon you can intergrate with Chrome or Firefox.
You can find a link with this addon on this page

When you want to inspect a picture, click with your right mouse in the picture, you see the addon in the menu.
You can choose All search engines, but I prefer to choose one by one.
The best results I always find in Google, Yandex or Bing.

Alle search engines have their own results.

Bing has another function which can be very powerfull.
First choose Bing to reverse image.
As in the example, there are no results, but Bing has the possibility of Visual Search

You can choose Visual Search an crop the image, and see how the results are!!

BUT… now you have a picture and want to upload it to the internet to see if it excist or to search for the location.
Search engines Google, Bing and Yandex give you the possibilty to upload your picture.

Google: click on the photo pictogram

Choose Upload a photo, choose a pictureformat file

See the results. You can also change the name in the searchbox if you are not satified with the results.

For Yandex same method.

And for Bing: