Youtube download with VLC player

Unfortunatly this tutorial is not working anymore. 

You can also download a youtube video using the VLC mediaplayer. 
This is a way to download youtube video’s without using other websites.
Some video’s have restrictions and can’t be downloaded. If VLC is not starting the video, it is not possible to download from youtube.

Step 1: Search for your Video on youtube to download.
Step 2: copy the url of that video
Step 3: Open VLC player
Step 4: Open in VLC player Media –> Open Networkstream and past the url and open the video.
Step 5: Go to Tools –> and go to Codecinformation–> in the box Location you will find an url.
Step6: copy the url and paste it in a new tab.
Step 7: The video will start playing and now choose with right mouse  save video as.

I will show you how it works:
Copy url from address bar. 

Open VLC media player and go to Media, choose Open Network Stream

Past url in field and choose Play

Choose Tab Tools– Codec Information

Go to Location, rightclick and choose Select All, then choose Copy

Go to new tab in your Browser, past copied url and choose Paste and go to..

Video will play, rightclick and choose Save video as..and you can download your video.